Ymittos at Glyka Nera and Cyprus delights, 5 Feb.

Join the Athens Strollers for this new walk on Ymittos, in the area of Glyka Nera. This is a walk of medium difficulty, even though duration of walking is just under 2 hours. It is a circular walk, which starts with a gentle climb for ~20 minutes; from ~ the 30th minute it climbs steeply for at least 15 minutes, in an area with bushes and trees; from here on, it turns into a descent, which then levels out; this part offers wide and long views onto the valley of Mesogeia, with the airport and the sea afar. The final 10 minutes are again downhill. Xenophon (6937055502) is leading this walk on Sunday 5 February. We start at 12:00 noon. The walk will probably last up to 2¼ hours, with stops, and will go ahead even in light rain.

The walk will be followed by lunch at a Cyprus taverna. Lunch will consist of a variety of dishes from the distinctive Cyprus cuisine, and is a good opportunity to sample Cyprus delights, or taste them again. Xenophon recommends to you to take the walk and taverna as a combination outing. If you choose to miss the taverna, you are still welcome, on a walk which is not that exciting on its own. Strollers who choose to opt out of walking, but fancy joining us for the Cyprus delights, are also welcome: in your case, you must confirm via telephone, by Saturday, so that we book your place at the table. P.S. If you are new to the Greek language, ‘nera’ means water and ‘glyka’ means sweet.

How to get to the walk start:

Zero your odometer at the junction of Mesogeion Avenue and Stavros Agias Paraskevis, as you turn right into Leoforos (avenue) Lavriou. Mesogeion Avenue is the well-known principal road crossing the suburbs of Papagou, Holargos and Agia Paraskevi. Stavros Agias Paraskevis is the junction where traffic on Mesogeion Avenue goes down in a tunnel; while if you turn left, you are heading towards Penteli. You do not go down into the tunnel. You turn right into Leoforos Lavriou. Drive along this main road. At 3.5 km, turn right into Vasilissis (Queen) Anna Maria street. This comes just before an Apollonion bakery, on your right. At 4.3 km you reach the top end of this road, where the mountain starts. Park on either side. The start will be here.

Coming by Bus:

Bus 307 takes you from outside Doukissis Plakentias metro station, to Vasilissis (Queen) Anna Maria street.

Clothing and Footwear:

Wear long sleeves and long trousers, please, to protect your arms and legs. Hiking shoes/ boots (no gym shoes) as well.

The taverna:

After the walk we shall enjoy Cyprus delicacies, at the ‘Afroditi’ taverna in Agia Paraskevi. It is on number 8, Kapodistriou street (tel. 2106390160). Kapodistriou is a narrow side road, which runs parallel to Mesogeion Avenue and on your right, as you are driving from the junction of Mesogeion Avenue and Stavros Agias Paraskevis, along Mesogeion Avenue, towards Agia Paraskevi and the city centre. Further, Kapodistriou is perpendicular to Halandriou- Agias Paraskevis, the main road linking Halandri, via Kennedy square (now named Flyas square) to Mesogeion Avenue.

To find the taverna from the walk finish: Drive along Mesogeion Avenue and get to the traffic lights, with the church of Agia Paraskevi on your left. Turn right at the traffic lights. You are now in Halandriou- Agias Paraskevis street. Very soon you will see a Veropoulos supermarket, and a Jumbo toy store on your left. Kapodistriou is the narrow road that goes left, just before these 2 stores. The road you are in does not allow a left turn. Please search for a parking spot, and walk to the taverna.  

If you prefer, stay close to the walk leader, and ask to drive along in a convoy, from the walk finish.

The meal will consist of an assortment of meat and non-meat dishes. 

Google map:

Here is a map that takes you from Leoforos Lavriou to Halandriou- Agias Paraskevis street https://tinyurl.com/3jpzqn9

Here is an extension of the previous map, to show Kapodistriou street, even though the left turn from Halandriou- Agias Paraskevis street into Kapodistriou street is not possible https://tinyurl.com/3bflvkm