Tatoi, Mahounia, 28 April

Our walk of Saturday 28 April takes place at the Tatoi area, at a location named Mahounia. We start at 3:00 pmXenophon is leading this walk, which will go ahead even in light rain; if you need to, call 6937055502. The walk will take approximately 2 ½ hours along generally wide tracks within the ex-King’s Estate, through woodlands mostly (mature pine trees) and some heathlands where we follow a narrow path, that can be somewhat wet after the recent rains. The walk is fairly level with only one section that is steeply downhill over 100 metres. The walk offers long views of the Tatoi royal residence and orchard, as well as the suburbs of Kastri and Ekali across.

Directions to get to the walk start: Leave the Athens – Lamia national road at Varibombi bridge and head (west) towards Varibombi. While you are on the bridge crossing the Athens – Lamia national road, you are invited to zero your odometer. You will encounter several consecutive sharp bends for the first 1 ½ km. The last sharp bend is where you see the (faded) sign “Option Press”. From here on, the road straightens out for the next 2 ½ km. Midway this straight road, you go over the rail line. Bus number 503 comes along this route, departing from Zirinio school in Kifissia and terminating in Varibombi. This 2 ½ km long straight road ends at a T junction. At the T junction, turn right. Then turn left at the second turn on the left, marked for ‘Leonidas’, ‘Thea’, ‘Tzoumerka’ tavernas. This turn is 700 meters from the T junction. Set your odometer again to zero here. After 6.3 km there is an opening on the right and a (green) sign “Mahounia” for the location. The start will be here, with ample parking outside the road.

Google Maps: Here is a map for those coming from the south along the Athens-Lamia National Road, which gets you to the Varibombi junction (point B), then to the T-junction (point D) and then to the left turn for the tavernas (point E) https://tinyurl.com/35nsy7r

Here is a map for those coming from the junction between Kifissias avenue and Charilaou Trikoupi street in Nea Erythrea, that gets you to the Varibombi junction (between points C and D), then to the T-junction (point E) and then to the left turn for the tavernas (point F) https://tinyurl.com/2wfgj64

Taverna: After the walk we shall dine at the ‘Lambros’ taverna (Kostas 2106220226, 6977560792) in the Katsimidi area. It is located exactly a further 2.0 km from the walk finish, at Katsimidi. In other words, the taverna is located at 8.3 km from the point where you turned left at Varibombi, for the tavernas ‘Leonidas’, ‘Thea’ etc. It is on your right, at a point where a road leaves to the right towards “Ippokratios politeia”.