Tatoi, 9 Oct.

This is a fairly easy and pleasant walk, in a picturesque area of Tatoi, on mostly level ground. Susan is leading this walk on Sunday 9 October. We start at 12:00 noon. If you need to call her, Susan’s telephone is 2108075651. The walk will take up about 1-1 ½ hours. During our walk we stop to have a look at the Ossage Orange trees, which are probably the only ones in Greece & seem to interest many people. Then we walk up to the summer palace through the trees & back a different way, having a look at various buildings on the Tatoi Royal estate. The autumn colours will add a special attraction to this walk.

How to get to the walk start:
Leave the Athens – Lamia national road at Varibombi bridge and head (west) towards Varibombi. While you are on the bridge crossing the Athens – Lamia national road, you are invited to zero your odometer. You will encounter several consecutive sharp bends for the first 1 ½ km. The last sharp bend is where you see the sign “Option Press”. From here on, the road straightens out for the next 2 ½ km. Midway this straight road, you go over the rail line. Bus number 503 comes along this route, departing from Zirinio school in Kifissia and terminating in Varibombi. This 2 ½ km long straight road ends at a T junction. At the T junction, turn right. Then turn left at the second turn on the left, marked for Leonidas` tavern. This turn is 700 meters from the T junction. Set your odometer again to zero here. After 3.0-3.1 km there is a wide parking area on your left, with a parking sign. Park your car either in the designated parking area or on the side of the road. We meet at the parking area. The start will be here.

Google Maps: Here is a map for those coming from the south along the Athens-Lamia National Road, that gets you to the Varibombi junction (point B), then to the T-junction (point D) and then to the left turn for the tavernas (point E). https://tinyurl.com/35nsy7r

Here is a map for those coming from the junction between Kifissias avenue and Charilaou Trikoupi street in Nea Erythrea, that gets you to the Varibombi junction (between points C and D), then to the T-junction (point E) and then to the left turn for the tavernas (point F). https://tinyurl.com/2wfgj64

The taverna: After the walk we will have a meal at the ‘Lambros’ taverna in the Katsimidi area (further into the forest, from Tatoi). It is situated at the 8.3 km point along the route you have taken to get to the walk start. In other words, the taverna is 8.3 km from the point where you zero’d your odometer, turning left at Varibombi for tavernas ‘Leonidas`, ‘Thea’ etc. At the 8.3 km point, you will see two tavernas on your right hand side, one behind the other, and a road leaving to the right towards “Ippokratios politeia”: Lambros is the one behind. Regular members know this place; we have dined there several times in the recent past. If you prefer, stay close to the walk leader, and ask to drive along in a convoy, from the walk finish.