Penteli, Kallision, 11 Nov.

This is a walk of medium difficulty in open terrain on Mount Penteli, with an altitude climb of 300 m. As almost all the trees have been burnt down over the past 15 years, there is almost no shade or shelter, and it can be very windy. The walk climbs steeply for the first 30 minutes, then more gently, before leveling out. It then keeps to contours or is gently falling in a loop back to start. This means that there are changing views for two thirds of the walk. Views over Athens, the airport and distant Rafina and the sea. The walk then passes close to the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Kallision. All the walk is on well defined dirt tracks, except for the last 15 minutes, which are on asphalt road. This walk starts and ends at the bus stop “Terma Kallision”, where there is parking for a dozen cars and more parking in the near vicinity. The walk is on Sunday 11 November, is about 10 km long and starts at 12:00 noon. Xenophon (6937055502) is leading this walk, which will go ahead even in light rain. 

Coming via Melissia or Vrilissia: Get to the junction of Leoforos (avenue) Pentelis with Andrea Papandreou street and Anapafseos street. There are traffic lights here. Leoforos Pentelis is the principal long and straight road crossing Halandri and Vrilissia, all lined with stores. Andrea Papandreou is the road linking Vrilissia and Melissia. Anapafseos is the road leading towards the suburb of Gerakas and Kleisthenous street. Zero your odometer at this junction. Drive uphill, towards Old (palaia) Penteli, along Leoforos Eleftheriou Venizelou. At 1.5 km you get to traffic lights, carry on straight ahead. At 2.6 km you see the Penteli Monastery on your left; you pass a zebra (pedestrian) crossing with traffic lights. At 2.9 km you reach a roundabout, with a blue road sign ‘Marathon, Nea Makri’; stay on the main road as it bends left. At 3.2 km ignore a 1st turn to the right; take the 2nd turn to the right immediately after. (This junction has a 3rd turn to the right, with the taverna we will be dining after the walk first on the left, as you take this turn; this 3rd road leads up to the Penteli children’s hospital). Just at the turn, there are three small, blue road signs, one reading ‘Νταού Πεντέλη’, the second reading ‘Κοιμητήριο Πεντέλης’ and the third reading ‘Καλλιθέα Πεντέλης’, all in Greek. This road goes downhill and is named ‘Filonos’ (Φίλωνος). At 3.8 km the road changes name to ‘Kallision’, and here follow a few sharp bends. At 4.2 km there is a cemetery on your left. At 5.9 km bend to the right, into a side road, and park your car. This is the bus terminal for the local bus. The bus stop carries the name ‘Antheon’. In case you have missed this point, about 50 m after you will see the only kiosk in the area on your right: turn back.

Below is a link to a map taking you from Kifissias avenue (point C), outside the OTE tower, in Marousi, to the walk start (point A), via Pentelis avenue in Vrilissia (point B).

Coming via Leoforos Marathonos in Pallini: Below is a link to a map taking you from the junction between the principal Leoforos Marathonos in Pallini and Attiki Odos (point B), to the walk start (point A).

Coming by Bus: Bus 301 is a local bus and will get you precisely to the walk start.

Clothing: You are advised to have with you a wind jacket and a cap or hood; they will be useful if the day is windy. Also, note that the walk offers little shade from the sun (in case of sunshine).

The Taverna: Dinner will be at the taverna named ‘Makedonia’, also known as ‘Iordanis’, on the principal road crossing Old (palaia) Penteli. ‘Iordanis’ is the first store on the right hand side of the principal road, as you drive up, ignoring the three side roads to the right (at the 3.2 km point of the route to the walk start). It has a reputation for its very tender and juicy souvlakia on a skewer. Parking is behind the restaurant, under the pine trees or on the left hand side of the principal road, opposite the taverna. To get to the taverna from the walk finish, we will reverse along ‘Kallision’, then ‘Filonos’, and turn right at the exit to the principal road. If you prefer, stay close to the walk leader, and ask to drive along in a convoy, from the walk finish.

N.B. There will be no all-day walk on this day.