Pedion tou Areos, Sunday 6 Jan. 2013

Have you eaten more melomakarona and kourapiedes than you wanted to? Come and burn those extra calories, with the Athens Strollers, on our 1st walk in 2013. The walk in Pedion tou Areos is a pleasant and easy walk for all, it starts at 12:00 noon, it will take up about 1 ½ hours and will go ahead, even in light rain. Manolia is leading this walk on Sunday 6 January 2013. If you need to, call her on 6979268224.

The meeting point for the walk is the entrance to the Park (Pedion tou Areos), which is opposite number 13, Evelpidon street (οδός Ευελπίδων). This is near Patission street, and adjacent to the main entrance to the athletic association Panellinios (Πανελλήνιος Γυμναστικός Σύλλογος), which occupies part of the Park. At the entrance you will also see a kiosk (περίπτερο).

About Pedion tou Areos:
This Park is the largest park in Athens municipality. The place was a must for older Athenians. It has received extensive renovation, at a cost of ~9 million euro and was reopened in October 2010. It contains many plants, water fountains, statues of heroes, a modern kids’ playground. A private security firm is responsible for safety and cleaning, while the local authority maintains it using 3 botanists, an electrician and a plumber.

How to get to the meeting point:
By Metro, Line 1 (Ηλεκτρικός, ΗΣΑΠ): You get off at Victoria station and walk towards Patission street (1 block). You walk down Patission street in the direction opposite to the city centre, having the Acropolis behind you. After a 5 minute walk you reach the crossroad of Patission and Evelpidon streets. You start walking on Evelpidon street, going smoothly uphill. You will see the entrance to the Park on your right, after a 3 minute walk on Evelpidon street.
Alternatively, instead of walking on Patission street, you can walk on Mavromataion street (οδός Μαυρομματαίων), which is a road parallel to Patission street, and runs along one side of the Park, until you meet Evelpidon street. Then you walk on Evelpidon street, going smoothly uphill. You will see the entrance to the Park on your right, after a 2 minute walk on Evelpidon st. Caution: there is an entrance to the swimming pool of the Panellinios club on Mavromataion street; don’t mistake it for the Panellinios main entrance mentioned above.

By car: There will be parking spaces on Evelpidon street, on a Sunday.
If you are coming along Patission street:
Whether you are coming from Patissia or from Omonia, turn into (Leoforos) Alexandras avenue. As soon as you get into Alexandras avenue, you will see the Park almost in front of you on your left. Immediately after, you come to a set of traffic lights, where you need to turn left. You are now in Mavromataion street, driving along one side of the Park, on your right (Patission street is the first road parallel to this, on your left). At the end of Mavromataion street, you have another set of traffic lights. There, you turn right, into Evelpidon street, having the desired side of the Park on your right. Leave your car wherever you find a space.

If you are coming along Kifissias avenue:
Whether you are coming from Kifissia or from the city centre, when you reach the junction of Kifissias and Katehaki turn into Mousson street (οδός Μουσσών), the road that takes you into Palaio Psychiko and Kypseli. Keep going straight, uphill, past LETO maternity hospital on your left. After a set of traffic lights there is a fork in the road. Take the left fork and keep on this large main road, which smoothly bends left or right at points, going uphill first and then downhill, for a few kilometres. After a while you will come to the end of this road (at a T-junction), where you will see an AB Vassilopoulos store in front of you. Turn right, still going downhill, leaving behind some big neoclassical buildings on your left (they are the Law Courts). Once past these buildings, you come to a big junction with a set of traffic lights. On the left you will see an underpass for cars. Keep straight on at the traffic lights and start looking where to park your car; you are on Evelpidon street. The meeting point is a bit further down, on your left.

After the walk we will have a meal at the taverna named Mezedomahies (ΜΕΖΕΔΟΜΑΧΙΕΣ). It is on 49 Fokionos Negri stret. This is the point where Fokionos Negri meets with Skyrou (Σκύρου) street (attention, Skyrou, not Syrou). Fokionos Negri is a paved road, only for walking -and the occasional motorbike…we are in Greece, after all. We shall walk to the taverna, together, from the walk finish. It is a 10 minutes walk and it is not advisable to use your car to get there.
To get to the taverna from the walk finish (if you don’t come with the group), walk along Kypselis street or along Spetson street (Σπετσών); they both start from Evelpidon street, opposite our meeting point. Walk smoothly uphill, until you meet Skyrou street. There, turn left and after 2 or 3 blocks you reach Fokionos Negri street.

Click on the map, to confirm the location we visit,23.734267&spn=0.002008,0.003428&t=h&z=18&vpsrc=6