Kouvaras 12 Nov.

Come join the Athens Strollers and Nigel, on a walk at Kouvaras, on Saturday, 12 November. Nigel is the founder of the Strollers, and we are very pleased to welcome him, as leader of this walk, in one of his rare returns from his new abode in the Peloponnese. If you want to reach Nigel, his mobile number is 6944224668. The walk will start at 14:00 hours and will go ahead even in light rain. This is a walk of medium difficulty; fairly easy at most parts, but with one extended uphill section. It should take us just under three hours at a leisurely pace. We start off walking through forested tracks for 2 km – a chance to enjoy some of the last remaining woodland areas in Southern Attica. Then, for about 700m we follow a tarmac road (please keep children and dogs on leads) before heading off onto a dirt track which takes us to the Monastery of Metamorphosis Sotiros. From here we follow a trail to the top of Koprotopos hill, a steady climb during which we ascend 100m over a distance of 1.3km. We then walk for half an hour across the ridge of Koprotopos hill enjoying great views of this part of Attica, before making our way down through an area with small farms and isolated houses and then back to base. The total length of the walk is 8km.

Directions to the walk start:

Take the Attiki Odos as if going to the Airport. Follow the signs to Markopoulo, i.e. do NOT take the turn off right to the airport. Continue along this road towards Markopoulo (& Lavrion).
You pass a Tyrokomeio (Cheese Emporium) on your right. As you approach Markopoulo there are 2 sets of lights. Do NOT take the first set or the second set 200 meters later.

Keep going towards Lavrion and pass a LIDL on your right. Zero your odometer as you pass LIDL. 1.8 km later there is a junction with traffic lights (signposted for the Olympic Equestrian Centre & Racetrack). Turn left here, as if going to the Equestrian Centre or racetrack. 2.2 km down this dual carriageway there is a junction (this is where a small road crosses the road to the racetrack). Turn RIGHT here and continue along this small road. 6.6km later you come to a stop sign. Take the (very sharp) left turn here, as if going to Porto Rafti. After 250m there is a road to the right – do NOT take this road. After another 250m there is a smaller road to the right. Take this (very sharp) turning into this road (if you come to a small white church on the right you have gone 50m too far!). We meet 150m down this road.

GPS directions to the starting place:



NB: There is a shorter (but trickier) way for the more adventurous:

Take the road from Markopoulo to Lavrion. 7.8km after Markopoulo LIDL take the exit right, then turn left to cross the bridge. Drive through Kouvaras and out onto on the road to Porto Rafti. 2.7km after you leave Kouvaras, take the sharp turning to the right  (it’s 50m before a small white church).

The taverna:

After the walk we head for the family run “O Vassilis” tavern, after which it’s an easy drive back to the nearby main road to pick up the Lavrion-Athens highway. To get to the taverna, drive through and out of Kouvaras village – it’s on the other side from the walk – see the map.

How to get to the area, toll-free:

Zero your odometer at the junction of Mesogeion Avenue and Stavros Agias Paraskevis, as you turn into Leoforos Lavriou.

At 2.1 km you pass a roundabout, going straight.

At 5.0 km you reach traffic lights, where the road forks out into 2 roads. Take the road going on a left slant.

At 5.7 km you pass a Jumbo store on your left.

At 7.0 km you pass a Galaxias super market on your left.

At 7.3 km the road forks out into 2 roads. Take the road going on a left slant, signposted ‘to Markopoulo, Sounio, Lavrio’. Ignore the road going on a right slant towards Koropi.

At 8.1 km you pass Intracom installations on your right.

At 8.3 km you pass Intracom installations on your left.

At 13.5 km you reach traffic lights. This is where traffic turns left, to get to the airport. You go straight here, following the big blue road sign ‘Lavrion, Sounio, Markopoulo’. At 14.4 km you reach a Y-junction, go right. At 16.9 km you reach traffic lights, go straight. At 17.2 km you pass Lidl on your right hand side. This is the same LIDL given in the instructions above. Zero your odometer and from here on, follow the instructions above.