Attiko Alsos, Sunday 27 Jan. 2013

You are invited to come for a walk on Sunday, January 27th 2013 on the hill between Psychico, Galatsi and Kypseli commonly referred to as Tourkovounia. It will include a walk thru the newly renovated park Attiko Alsos and around the hill for some lovely views of the city and surrounding mountains. The walk inside the park will be on stone paths but the walk outside the park will be on paved and dirt roads. There will be one hill to climb on a dirt/gravel road.

We will start the walk at 12 noon. It will take approximately 1.5 hours. The walk is being organized by Heather and Anna. If you need to contact them their numbers are 697 376 6244 and 693 427 0994 respectively.

The Taverna:
After the walk we will go for a meal at a taverna near the start called Attikon Alsos. It is located across the street from the park entrance so there will be no need to move your car.

About Attiko Alsos
This park has received extensive renovation, completed in 2010, which cost over 8 million Euro. The park now offers 10 courts for tennis, basket ball, volley ball; and 2 children’s playgrounds. 1165 trees and 1277 flowering plants have been reported as planted, as part of the renovation. Up to the 2nd world war, the broader area of Tourkovounia was rich in trees. Tourkovounia took its name in the 15th century, when Athens fell to the Turks, following the collapse of Byzantium, from the Turkish ruler (pasha) who liked to use these hills as an army camp.

How to get to the Walk

Coming by car
If coming from the North or South you will need to get yourselves to the corner of Kifissias and Katehaki Avenue near the suburb of Psychico and Lito Maternity Hospital.

If coming from the North along Kifissias Avenue, you will not go thru the underpass but will follow the slip road along ground level so that you will be able to make a right hand turn at the Katehaki junction and go uphill past Lito Hospital.

If coming from the South along Kifisias Avenue, you will not go thru the underpass but will follow the slip road to the right at ground level so that you can turn left at the Katehaki junction and go uphill past Lito Hospital.

If coming along Katehaki Avenue into Athens just carry on straight across the junction and up the hill past Lito Hospital.

Once past Lito Hospital there will be a traffic light and just beyond it a fork in the road. Take the left fork. At the fork there is a sign for two cafes, Zafiro and Yades. At the third traffic light, turn right (the first being just at the beginning of the left fork).  There will again be signs for Yades and Zafiro to turn right. The official road sign says Galatsi and Nea Ionia, but is faded. This is Karpenisioti St.  Very soon you will see a large purple sign on your left for the Cafe Yades. Pass this and carry on to the next junction with a large sign for Zafiro Cafe.  Turn left here. The intersection is the junction of Karpenisioti St. and Filippidi St. though there are no street signs at the junction.

You have now entered the road that goes around the park Attiko Alsos. You will see a high green metal fence beginning immediately on your right and a sign for 50 m/hr speed limit. Park anywhere along this road.  We will meet near the speed limit sign. PLEASE NOTE: there are two roads that go up into the park. The road entrance we will meet at is the one where there are a group of tavernas as it is near the taverna we will be eating at later called Attikon Alsos.

Google Map

Coming by Bus
The 140 comes from Glyfada, passes Katehaki Metro Station, near  Ethniki Amyna, thru Neo Psychico, onto Kifisias Ave. At the Katehaki junction the bus will turn right uphill past Lito and up along the ring road of Toukovounia .  The 140 bus stop to get off at is called Mitropetrova. It is the 3rd bus stop coming up from Kifisias. From there walk to the  traffic light and turn right going uphill on a street that has no street sign but the faded road sign says Galatsi and Nea Ionia as well as the signs for the cafes Yades and Zafiro. Pass the Yades sign on the left. Soon after turn left at the Zafiro sign and walk a very short way uphill to the meeting point.

Also one can catch the 224 from Evangelismos metro,  Kolonaki, through  Exarchia behind the  National  Museum,  Mavromateon and up towards the Lower Courts in Kypseli  then it travels uphill going partially along  the Toukovounia ring road. It will turn right on Mitropetrona St. The bus stop get to off at is just after this turn. It is called 5′ El. Venizelou. Walk backward to the traffic lights and turn right. Walk to the next traffic light. There are signs for the cafes Yades and Zafiro pointing uphill. Cross the road, walk uphill. Pass the Yades sign on the left. Soon after turn left at the Zafiro sign and walk a very short way uphill to the meeting point.

A third bus that gets to the area is the 036 that travels from Katehaki metro, thru Neo Psychico, onto Kiffisias Ave, past Panormou Metro Station them back up towards Psychico. The bus will make a sharp right turn (Mercedes-Benz Service shop at corner) onto the ring road (Perrikou St) . Get off at the first stop after the turn called Koimisi Theotokou,  where you will see a photograpic shop.  Walk back to the traffic light, looking uphill, cross Perrikou and walk up Filipidi. This road will take you right up to the park entrance where the sign for Zafiro is. Cross the road and keep walking up to the meeting point.