Urgent information about footpaths of Tinos

Athos Studio is the accommodation we suggest, in which most of us will stay Saturday night or the whole weekend ! It’s situated between port and Evagelistria church and prices are as follow :

Saturday night only         35 € per double or single
Weekend ( two nights )   50 € per double or single

Tel. : 22830 24702
Mob. : 698 75 87 676
: 22830 24702
e-mail : info@athostudio.gr
Address : Aghiou Charalampou square Tinos city

When you book, you could refer that you are member of Athens Strollers and Hikers group so you get maybe … the above price !
We also recommend to book in advance boat tickets.

Some of SAS group will embark, the organizers Georgos and Anna are two of them !, on the Friday evening ferry which departs at 17:30 from Rafina, so another meeting point is added to the various others and this is 16:50 in front of ticket office.
Always check until last time ferry’s schedule !

Please declare your intension to stay at Athos studio as well as your mobile number for emergency communication when in the island.

See you all there !
Georgos and Anna