The unknown side of Parnitha

On Sunday the 15th of December, according to the Autumn programme, SAS organize a hiking experience through the less known forested paths of the north face of Mount Parnitha.

The hike will take 5 hours approx. including sufficient breaks, height difference to be covered is 370 m., so the difficulty of this … walk would be considered as medium. The area we are going to hike is around ‘‘ Limiko plateau ’’ and ‘‘ Saloniki ’’, not this one in the Northern Greece … ! We’ll also visit the ancient tower of Limiko and the picturesque St. George chapel.

Hiking boots, trekking poles, raincoat and reliable equipment generally are always highly recommended. For any case don’t forget also your head-torch !

After the end of the hike we would have the opportunity to take meal at “ Flabouri ” Mountain Hut.

Meeting point is on the mountain in ‘‘ Mola recreation area ’’ just in front of St. Peter chapel, 3.3 km after the turn-off to ‘‘ Bafi refuge ’’ at 10:30 a.m. where is a lot of space to park our cars.

There will be also another meeting point at ‘‘Aristotelous ’’square in Thrakomakedones at 09:40 a.m. at the ‘‘ Periptero to Steki ’’ in order to go up to the mountain as a convoy and probably to serve some members who will come by bus No. 504 from Kifisia metro station, but they have specially to declare that.

For those who are interested in participating, please declare up to 13th  20:00 p.m. Leader will be Georgos Foteinos, e-mail Emergency phone 6945 386255.

Important notice : Keep in mind that if you participate in an Athens Strollers and Hikers walk or hike, you do so for your fun and your pleasure at one hand but entirely at your own risk at the other. The Athens Strollers and Hikers is an internet social club and neither the organizers nor the leader are responsible for the safety of those taking part. For more information about that please refer to the ‘ Declaration of Tyrol ’.

Difficulty grades

Easy walks :                1,5– 2 hrs                   and height differences up to 100 m

Medium walks :          2 – 3 hrs                    and height differences up to 200 m

Hard walks :                3 – 4 hrs                    and height differences up to 400 m

Easy hikes :                 3 – 5 hrs                    and height differences up to 500 m

Medium hikes :           5 – 7 hrs                    and height differences up to 750 m

Hard hikes :                 7 hrs and up       and height differences 750 m and up

Invitation : Anyone who likes to lead a future walk or hike please announce to us by e-mail referring to the place and the time he intends to take over this activity.

Deletion : Anybody who doesn’t like to receive anymore the invitations about our activities for any reason, please declare us his desire !!

See you up there … !

Georgos and Anna