SCHINIAS National Park and Reserve

Κίνδυνος πυρκαγιάς: Απαγορεύεται η κυκλοφορία οχημάτων και η παραμονή εκδρομέων στο Εθνικό Πάρκο Σχινιά - Μαραθώνα
Σχετική εικόνα
Σχετική εικόνα

On Saturday the 16th of November at 11:00 a.m., SAS organize a relax … walking in Schinias’ National Park and the surroundings. The walk will take place through a dense Pine forest on a sandy path-net, thick in parts, parallel to the seashore, the only forest in Attica with stone pines, which is called locally ‘‘ Dasos Koukounarias ’’.

At the end of the forest extends the adjacent wetlands with rich birdlife and reptiles … ! a copy of a jungle in a Mediterranean country !! Duration of this walk will be 3,5 hours approximately, total distance to be covered will be 11 km again .. approximately and because the terrain is completely flat, the difficulty could be considered as low !

Taverna ‘‘ The Paradise ’’ is waiting for us, 20 minutes before the end of the walk for a real … heavenly meal !

Meeting point is at ‘‘ Moraitis beach bar ’’, 210 Posidonos avenue, where we could take a … slow-drinking morning coffee under the shadow of Palm trees and the sounds of jazz music … !

As you drive on Souliou avenue, turn right on Schinias avenue at the traffic light ( there is also a sign for the Olympic Rowing Complex ), then drive for 2 km and just before the left bend where other traffic lights are, turn right then continue only for 100 meters, U-turn to the left and immediately after 30 meters turn right at the sign ‘‘ Moraitis beach ’’. There is a safe park here.

Unexpectedly, there is also a bus line from Athens ( Platia Egyptou, Pedion Areos ) to Schinias but is a long journey, maybe half the duration of the walk !

If you are interested in participating, please declare up to 14th  22:00. Leaders will be Georgos and Anna Foteinou, e-mail Emergency phone 6945 386255.

Important notice : Keep in mind that if you participate in an Athens Strollers and Hikers walk or hike, you do so for your fun and your pleasure at one hand but entirely at your own risk at the other. The Athens Strollers and Hikers is an internet social club and neither the organizers nor the leader are responsible for the safety of those taking part. For more information about that please refer to the ‘ Declaration of Tyrol ’.

Difficulty grades

Easy walks :                   1,5– 2 hrs             and height differences up to 100 m

Medium walks :              2 – 3 hrs               and height differences up to 200 m

Hard walks :                   3 – 4 hrs               and height differences up to 400 m

Easy hikes :                   3 – 5 hrs               and height differences up to 500 m

Medium hikes :               5 – 7 hrs               and height differences up to 750 m

Hard hikes :                   7 hrs and up         and height differences 750 m and up

Invitation : Anyone who likes to lead a future walk or hike please announce to us by e-mail referring to the place and the time he intends to take over this activity.

Deletion : Anybody who doesn’t like to receive anymore the invitations about our activities for any reason, please declare us his desire !!

Wish you a nice Saturday walk !

Georgos and Anna