Next walk on 6th of June 2021!

What is that, concerning a long time period, but starts and stops at the same day ….? !
For those who don’t imagine the answer is:

The winter and spring walking program 2021, due to the unexpected covid-19 story! So, the SAS has now the opportunity to organize the programmed walk along the beautiful Vravrona Bay and the adjacent wetland at the south-east coastline of Attica.

Vravrona is one of the few remaining wetlands of Attica, an area of great ecological importance, included in the Natura 2000 network. It combines a landscape of great beauty, rich in biodiversity especially for birds, with numerous cultural elements, the most important being the archaeological site.

This walk is a combination of seaside footpaths, dirt roads that are connected through the swamps, a lovely asphalt road and a quick glimpse, from … outside the fence, at the famous temple of Artemis!

There are no significant height differences, just only 100 m over a hill from where the view of the coastline, the tiny islets and Artemis town is really spectacular.

Wish you a pleasant Sunday afternoon walk!

Georgos and Anna

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