HIKING in TATOI … despite the CORONAVIRUS … !!

Νομοθεσία για τα ρέματα | Η ΘΕΣΠΡΩΤΙΑ ΤΩΝ ΠΟΛΙΤΩΝ
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Άσχημος πράσινος ιός, μικρόβιο, χαρακτήρας βακτηριδίων με το ...

The ‘ Varibopi’ waterfall continues to flow …, the west side of Tatoi estate is full of green lush at the time, the nature in this area is unbelievable magic and makes us to forget all the information coming from Media … !

So we decided to organize on 4th of April at 10:30 a.m. the programmed walk in alignment with the government’s instructions, that means two groups of … two persons with one leader for each group ! Distance between the two persons will be the official two meters and between the two groups 100 meters … ! communicated to each other by walkie-talkie !

The hike which will take place in an extremely dense footpath net up to ‘ Kithara ’ spring could be considered as easy, height difference is only 160 m, duration will be 2,5 hours approx. and the whole route is under the shadow of a virgin forest!

Meeting point will be announced later.

This time we’ ll not spend money in a … tavern, we could have a nice picnic somewhere in the forest !

Don’t forget to issue the appropriate personal permit or send a SMS to the authorities ( reason no. 6 ).

Unfortunately as we all have understood number of participants is limited, totally two members, so we have to give priority to the first two persons that will declare up to 2nd of April 22:00. Don’t lose this great opportunity to escape from your apartment !

CAUTION : As soon as we know the two participants, all of you will get an answer.

Leaders will be Georgos and Anna Foteinos, e-mail geoplanf@otenet.gr Emergency phone 6945 386255.

Important notice : Keep in mind that if you participate in an Athens Strollers and Hikers walk or hike, you do so for your fun and your pleasure at one hand but entirely at your own risk at the other. The Athens Strollers and Hikers is an internet social club and neither the organizers nor the leader are responsible for the safety of those taking part. For more information about that please refer to the ‘ Declaration of Tyrol ’.

Difficulty grades

Easy walks :         1,5– 2 hrs             and height differences up to 100 m

Medium walks :    2 – 3 hrs               and height differences up to 200 m

Hard walks :         3 – 4 hrs               and height differences up to 400 m

Easy hikes :            3 – 5 hrs               and height differences up to 500 m

Medium hikes :     5 – 7 hrs               and height differences up to 750 m

Hard hikes :          7 hrs and up                 and height differences 750 m and up

Invitation : Anyone who likes to lead a future walk or hike please announce to us by e-mail referring to the place and the time he intends to take over this activity.

Deletion : Anybody who doesn’t like to receive anymore the invitations about our activities for any reason, please declare us his desire !!

See you soon!

Georgos and Anna