Hiking excursion in the Cycladic island of Anafi

Additionally to the following description, please keep in mind that prices for the recommended Hotel in Anafi is 30 € for double room and 25 € for single.

For those who have already declared their participation, please just ignore this e-mail.

Hiking excursion in the  Cycladic island  of  Anafi

Σχετική εικόνα
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παναγια καλαμιωτισσα αναφη
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παναγια καλαμιωτισσα αναφη

At the end of this September, SAS go to the remotest and why not the most rough and wild of all the Cycladic island, the Anafi.

Anafi, is an ideal destination for explorer – traveler, who will meet the challenge of discovering unknown facets of the countryside, through an extensive network of selected footpaths ( ‘‘ Anavasi ’’ ).

Transportation to Anafi is beyond of any … fantasy, an … unbelievable combination of all means of transport with main ship route, local ship and air, unless you have your own … sailing boat or chartering an helicopter !!

But o.k. we found a solution, so program will be as follow :

24 / 9 Tue       Depart from Piraeus at 20:30΄ by AEGEON PELAGOS F/B PREVELIS arriving at Anafi next day after … 11:35 hours at 08:05΄ ( ticket 38 € ).

25 / 9 Wed      Start walking at 10:00΄ a.m. from Chora to Zoodochos Pigi Monastery and Temple of Apollo Aiglitis along the south coast-line ( duration 3,5 h ) no height differences.

26 / 9 Thu       Start hiking at 09:30΄ a.m. from St. Mamas chapel, via an alpine ancient footpath on Mt. Chalepas, called Holy Road, to the breathtaking single rock of Kalamos, known as the ‘‘ Gibraltar of the Aegean ’’, where the Panagia Kalamiotissa Monastery lonely stands, the landmark of Anafi, duration 4 h, height differences 400 m.

27 / 9 Fri         Start hiking at 09:30΄ a.m. from Milies area via a trail that traverses old rural houses and olive trees and reaches the ancient city of Anafi on Kasteli from where the view is spectacular. Duration 3 h, height differences 200 m.

28 / 9 Sat         Exploring or .. relax at Anafi island. No transportation to go back to Athens !!

29 / 9 Sun       Depart 07:00΄ Anafi arrive 08:30΄ at … Santorini by AQUA JEWEL SEA JET ( ticket 7,9 € ) local ship then by air to Athens ( 10 scheduled flights per day).

If you like to shorten your trip, optional depart from Anafi is at 20:20΄ on Thursday the 26th arriving at Santorini at 22:00΄ and by air to Athens the same day or directly at Piraeus at 07:50΄ next day.

Other transport opportunities are departing on 24th from Athens by air to Santorini, arriving at 14:00΄ approx. and connecting with the 16:25΄ SEA JET AQUA JEWEL to Anafi, arriving there at 17:55΄ and also departing from Anafi on 29th at 22:30΄ to Piraeus by F/B PREVELIS, arriving at 10:05΄ next day.

Hiking boots are essential, despite is still summer in Anafi, because terrain in the footpaths is partly rough. But, the most important item of the equipment is obviously the swimming-wear !!

Recommended hotel or rooms to let will be announced later as well as the exact meeting point.

In order to organize the transportation in the island during our stay, please declare your interest as soon as possible and your final participation up to 9th of September.

Leaders will be Georgos and Anna Foteinos, e-mail geoplanf@otenet.gr Emergency phone 6945 386255.

Important notice : Keep in mind that if you participate in an Athens Strollers and Hikers walk or hike, you do so for your fun and your pleasure at one hand but entirely at your own risk at the other. The Athens Strollers and Hikers is an internet social club and neither the organizers nor the leader are responsible for the safety of those taking part. For more information about that please refer to the ‘ Declaration of Tyrol ’.

Difficulty grades

Easy walks :                1,5– 2 hrs                    and height differences up to 100 m

Medium walks :          2 – 3 hrs                      and height differences up to 200 m

Hard walks :                3 – 4 hrs                      and height differences up to 400 m

Easy hikes :                 3 – 5 hrs                      and height differences up to 500 m

Medium hikes :           5 – 7 hrs                      and height differences up to 750 m

Hard hikes :                 7 hrs and up                and height differences 750 m and up

Invitation : Anyone who likes to lead a future walk or hike please announce to us by e-mail referring to the place and the time he intends to take over this activity.

Deletion : Anybody who doesn’t like to receive anymore the invitations about our activities for any reason, please declare us his desire !!

See you in this … unforgettable hiking experience !

Georgos and Anna