Christmas stroll Syngrou Park – Monday 26th December, 12:00΄

“” Christmas stroll around Syngrou Park on Monday 26th of December !  “”

Just five days before the end of the year, at 12.00΄ noon, we will meet each other for a real … relax stroll inside the Syngrou Park along not only the perimetric path but also along the other cross paths. During this walk, which its level of difficulty is easy, we’d have the opportunity to notice some remarkable buildings of the past. Duration is 2 hours without stress !

After finish the stroll we will walk as a convoy to Kifissia center ( don’t think to take your car and park … there ) for a meal at a tavern e.g. ‘‘ Mythos ’’ and then for a special dessert at the traditional ‘‘ Zacharoplastio Varsos ’’ established 1892 ! Meeting point is at the main gate of the park where traffic lights are, just across Euromedica and Bioiatriki on Kifissias avenue. There, also exist a comfortable … car park !

Leader of the day will be the sweet girl … Anna Foteinou ! Phone number 6945 288820

Merry Christmas to you !

See you all there …

Georgos and Anna