An … unusual walk around Piraeus Peninsula on Sunday the 2nd of April at 2:00 p.m.

An … unusual walk around Piraeus Peninsula

Happiness … for the residents of the southern suburbs of Athens ! At last we managed … to organize an activity in this beautiful area !
On Sunday the 2nd of April at 2:00 p.m. we will meet in the heart of Piraeus city, for a seaside walk around the nearby peninsula. During the walk we will have the opportunity to notice some of the landmarks of Piraeus we have never seen before, for sure! We will pass consecutively from Cruise Terminal Port, Hatzikiriakio area, Freatida Promenade, Passalimani and Marina Zeas, ending at the picturesque ‘Microlimano’ where lunch or a light dinner could take place at a local fish tavern while enjoying … a romantic sunset.
As you can see, most of the walk is along sea level so there will be no relevant elevations, however due to the length of the walk, some three and half hours approximately, the difficulty according to the scale is medium. So, this time, it’s a real stroll !
For those who like to … shorten the distance, of course they can do it by escaping … at an appropriate point in Passalimani, three quarters of the way, and return to the starting point in a short time ( 10 minutes ). At various other points of the route you could take a bus (leaders will inform you about the number ) or even a … taxi !
Meeting point is in front of the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, corner of Iroon Politechniou Avenue and Vasileos Georgiou A΄. In case you use public transportation, from Piraeus metro station terminal, walk on Akti Possidonos Avenue left from station exit and then on Vasileos Georgiou A΄ (for about 1 km) and you will see the theatre on your left. There is also a bus stop right outside the Theatre !
From the ending point, Microlimano, in order to return back to the … starting point, if you have parked there your car, it’s 20΄ walk, or if you want to go to Faliro metro station, it’s a 15΄ walk. In both cases, there is also a bus station at a stone’s throw… from the fish tavern at Microlimano.
If you are interested in participating please declare by 7:00 on the 31st of March. Leaders will be Anna Foteinou, e-mail emergency phone 6945 386255 and Maria phone 6937 107229.

Important notice : Keep in mind that if you participate in an Athens Strollers and Hikers walk or hike, you do so for your fun and your pleasure at one hand but entirely at your own risk at the other. The Athens Strollers and Hikers is an internet social club and neither the organizers nor the leader are responsible for the safety of those taking part. For more information about that please refer to the ‘ Declaration of Tyrol ’.

Difficulty grades
Easy walks :         1,5– 2 hrs             and height differences up to 100 m
Medium walks :     2 – 3 hrs               and height differences up to 200 m
Hard walks :          3 – 4 hrs               and height differences up to 400 m
Easy hikes :          3 – 5 hrs               and height differences up to 500 m
Medium hikes :     5 – 7 hrs               and height differences up to 750 m
Hard hikes :          7 hrs and up         and height differences 750 m and up

Invitation : Anyone who likes to lead a future walk or hike please announce to us by e-mail referring to the place and the time he intends to take over this activity.

Deletion : Anybody who doesn’t like to receive anymore the invitations about our activities for any reason, please declare us his desire !!

Wish you a nice Sunday stroll !
Georgos and Anna