• Urgent II for Tinos footpaths

    According to the, urgent I information about footpaths of Tinos, previous e-mail where we noticed, “ Always check until last time ferry’s schedule ! ”, oh … yes the Sunday evening ferry from Tinos to Rafina … converted suddenly to an … afternoon, at 14:30, ferry, so the hike to Ktikados on Sunday will start one hour earlier at 08:30 a.m. and yes … we’ ll use the option to get a taxi from Kionia to Tinos city and save 30 minutes more.
    Estimated arrival time at port by this way is 12:00, so it’s enough time left for a quick meal .. !

    Best regards,
    The organizers
    Georgos and Anna


  • Urgent information about footpaths of Tinos

    Athos Studio is the accommodation we suggest, in which most of us will stay Saturday night or the whole weekend ! It’s situated between port and Evagelistria church and prices are as follow :

    Saturday night only         35 € per double or single
    Weekend ( two nights )   50 € per double or single

    Tel. : 22830 24702
    Mob. : 698 75 87 676
    : 22830 24702
    e-mail : info@athostudio.gr
    Address : Aghiou Charalampou square Tinos city

    When you book, you could refer that you are member of Athens Strollers and Hikers group so you get maybe … the above price !
    We also recommend to book in advance boat tickets.

    Some of SAS group will embark, the organizers Georgos and Anna are two of them !, on the Friday evening ferry which departs at 17:30 from Rafina, so another meeting point is added to the various others and this is 16:50 in front of ticket office.
    Always check until last time ferry’s schedule !

    Please declare your intension to stay at Athos studio as well as your mobile number for emergency communication when in the island.

    See you all there !
    Georgos and Anna



    On weekend the 21st of October SAS organize a hiking mini-excursion in the beautiful Tinos, the Cycladic island of the marble craftsmen and the dovecotes with their elaborate facades.

    There, will take place two hikes: First on Saturday afternoon on Mt. Tsiknias from Falatados village to Livada bay, the most wooded ( with oaks ) part of the island and back from the gravel road which connects a different footpath. Duration is 5 hours approximately and total distance to be covered is 12 km. The path from the starting point is always descending towards the sea, the height difference up again is 380 m., but if some like to avoid the ascend, will have the option to call a taxi… from Falatados ( maybe it’ s 15 € for 4 people ).
    Second hike on Sunday morning from Tinos city to Ktikados village, an easy ascent with a height difference of 250 m and then an easy … descent with a superb view to Syros and other Cycladic islands where finally we reach the touristic seaside village of Kionia and return to Tinos, it’s a 30 minutes on tarmac road. Total duration of this hike is 4 hours approximately and total distance to be covered 9 km. One more option for those who likes to shorten … the hike to a maximum of 6,5 km is to return from Kionia by taxi, 5 Euro ? … will see !

    For more information click here

  • Photos from our walk at Tatoi South side on 23.09.2017

    Visit facebook  here and have a look at our first walk

    35 people and 2 dogs took part this lovely day !!!


  • TATOI SOUTH SIDE, 23rd of September

    On Saturday the 23rd of September at 11:00 a.m. SAS organize a stroll in Tatoi Estate close to the south part of an area we didn’t visited …last February. Between the most important monuments we will see, are the former kings’ graves and the Mausoleum. Total distance will cover is 7 km and estimated duration 3 hours. No significant height differences, only 100 m in total, so the stroll is considered as medium.
    Meeting point is in front of south gate where also plenty of park places exist. After passing the sign for turn left to Varibopi village keep driving straight on for another 350 m, don’t turn left towards “ Leonidas Palace ” … tavern, and you will see a “ stop ” bar that closes the road …Here you are ! After the walk, tavern Αρης is waiting for us just 300 m from the meeting point on the road back to Athens at right.
    For those who are interested in participating, please declare up to 21st 22:00 p.m. Leader will be Anna Foteinou, e-mail geoplanf@otenet.gr Emergency phone 6945 386255.

  • AUTUMN 2017

    Back to our activities with the following program :

    23 September, Tatoi South side

    21 – 22 October, Footpaths of Tinos island

    12 November, Schinias, Cynosoura Peninsula and the Wetlands

    2 December, Flabouraki peak Mt. Parnitha

    26 December, Mansions and Towers of Kifissia


  • Walking in Parnitha by night 8.7.2017

    30 Romantic people participated in this amazing walk !

    Have a look on facebook

  • Walking in Parnitha … by night

    Walking  in  Parnitha  …  by night

                 On Saturday the 8th of July, under full moon, SAS organize an easy hike in the footpaths of Parnitha during evening in order to avoid summer’s heat in one hand and enjoy fresh cool air at the other ! Virtually, more than half of the distance is a night walk but not a … nightmare !
    The trail that we’ll follow, leads deep in the dense fir forest and then like a circle return to the starting point. Terrain is not difficult, a little bit rocky in few parts so hiking boots are advisable. It is obvious that head torch is the most important equipment we need..! ‘‘ Mola ’’ site will be the most remote place we’ll reach and duration of this walk is 3 hours approximately. Height differences are not more than 130 meters so the grade of difficulty is considered as ‘‘ easy hike ’’.

    For more information about that please click here

  • Hiking in Olympus, the mountain of Gods

    In the beginning of August under the full moon .., SAS organize hiking and .. climbing for all members, independently of their trekking skills ! Olympus, is the most imposing and challenging mountain in Greece, with a variety of hiking, climbing and mountaineering routes but of course not walking ones … ! Standing on the boarders of Thessaly and Macedonia is one of the most interesting botanical places of the Balkans with rich flora and fauna. In 1938 it became the first National Park in Greece and in 1981 a site of World Natural Heritage.

    The group of hikers who will participate will be divided in three categories :

    For more information click here


  • Photos from our afternoon stroll close to VRAONA Bay and ASPRONISIA Islets on 10th of June

    Fotini and Michalis sent us very nice pictures from this walk !!!

    27 lucky persons had the … illusion to be for a while in an amazing greek island  !!!

    Click here to view the facebook webalbum.