• SAS walking and hiking program 2018

    As a present from … Santa Claus here below you’ll find a SAS winter and spring program !

    14 January, Mt. Parnitha : walking on snow … probably !

    04 February, Stavros Niarchos Foundation and Faliro Promenade : New Year’s cake

    03 March, Mt. Penteli : an easy hike

    18 March, Tour in the historical centre of Athens

    15 April, Mavrorema : the hidden treasure of Mt. Parnitha

    29 April, walking along the Athenian Riviera

    20 May, Mt Kallidromo : the Nightmare’s … footpath !

    02 June, full moon over the beautiful Vraona Bay


    The organizers

    Georgos and Anna

  • Photos from walking on snow in Mt. Parnitha 14.01.2018

    8 Hikers started to walk this epic root. 5 of them completed the whole round trip.

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  • Mt. Parnitha : walking on snow … probably !

    Mt. Parnitha : walking on snow … probably !

    Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παρνηθα χιονια 2017     Σχετική εικόνα     Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παρνηθα χιονια 2017

    On Sunday the 14th of January  SAS organize a never forget epic … hike through the snowed paths in Mount Parnitha.

    The hike will take 3,5 to 4,5 hours depending on how much deep … the snow is on the trails ! The target is to reach ‘‘ St. Peter ’’chapel in Mola recreation area after passing near ‘‘ Orneo peak ’’, second highest on Mt. Parnitha at 1.350 m. It’s level of difficulty is hard because of the snowed terrain and despite the limited, up to 200 m, height difference.

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  • photos of TOWERS AND MANSIONS OF KIFISIA 26.12.2017

    50 people had this unique experience on Boxing Day due to the great weather also !

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              On December the 26th at 12:00΄ SAS organize a festive stroll around the streets of Kifisia, the main reason of which is to admire the old Towers, Mansions ( Arhontika in Greek language ) and some neoclassic buildings that represent the … ‘‘ Belle époque ’’ of this wonderful suburb of Athens ! Most of these preserved ‘‘ Villas ’’ were built at the end of the … 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th ,as country houses of some rich people of the … past !

    The whole walk will take us as long as 2,5 hours approximately, actually divided in two parts of the now existing town, the commercial district and the residential area ‘‘ Strofili ’’, no hiking boots required .… no poles .. no … only our desire to come !

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  • photos of Hiking in Mt.Parnitha-Kopsi 02.12.2017

    In this trekking 21 persons took part ! 7 mountaineers ( group A ) and 14 hikers ( group B ).

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  • SCHINIAS, Cynosoura peninsula and the wetlands

    SCHINIAS, Cynosoura peninsula and the wetlands

    On Saturday the 11th of November at 11:00 a.m., SAS organize a combination of walk and relax … hiking in Schinias’ National Park. The walk will take place through a dense Pine forest on a sandy path-net, thick in parts, parallel to the seashore, the only forest in Attica with stone pines, which called locally ‘‘ Dasos Koukounarias ’’.

    At the end of the forest extends the Cynosoura Peninsula with the strangest shape of land we’ll have ever seen. It’s like the tail of a lizard that tries to escape from the dip waters or it looks like a snake that is ready to … dip into the blue crystal waters !! From the highest point, 92 m … above sea level, there is a unique view to the surrounding coasts and islets. Drakonera hill is high above the peninsula across it. Will not … visit this last hill ! Duration of this walk will be 4 hours approximately, total distance covered will be 12 km again approximately and because the terrain is mostly flat with no significant height differences, the difficulty could be considered as medium !

    Taverna ‘‘ The Paradise ’’ is waiting for us, 20 minutes before the end of the walk for a real … heavenly meal !

    Meeting point is at ‘‘ Moraitis beach club ’’, 210 Posidonos avenue, where we could take a … slow-drinking morning coffee under the shadow of Palm trees and the sounds of Alexandros’ jazz music … !

    Big surprise : We are happy to announce that something unusually pleasant will take place in this walk. Evangelia Marougka, a recently registered member of SAS, will help us … double to relax, introducing us in the Sensorial Movement method Danis Bois, just before the beginning, also during the walk and why not after the big meal .. !

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  • Hiking  in  Mt. Parnitha

    Hiking  in  Mt. Parnitha


    On Saturday the 2nd of December, SAS organize a … double trekking from different sides of the mountain, that means an extremely … easy walk to reach Flabouri refuge and another way, the most difficult hiking and … climbing route to conquere Flabouraki summit ( 1.074 m. ) , which is called in Greek “ Kopsi ” !
    For this reason, the participants will be divided in two groups.
    Group A will ascend by … “ teleferique ” ( free of charge ) to the Regency Casino … and from there with empty pockets …it’s a light … and easy, 2 to 2,5 hours, walk with only 100 m. differential height, to the Flabouri mountain hut.
    Group B will start ascending from 2, Verias’ str. sharp bend and after passing a terrain full of huge stones, rocks and almost vertical rocky walls ( o.k. we shall by-pass the latest ) we’ll arrive at Flabouri at the same time with group A … !!  Total differential height to be covered is 640 m.
    At the refuge we can take a light meal and rest for one hour at least and the two groups united from then on in one team will descend from another hiking path of medium difficulty, it’s duration is 1.45΄, in order to join our lovely … cars !
    Estimated arrival time : 16:45΄.
    Hiking boots, trekking poles, raincoat and reliable equipment generally are always highly recommended. For any case don’t forget also your head-torch !
    Meeting point is at 10:30΄ at Plateia Thrakomakedones where the ‘‘ periptero to steki ’’ is situated, from where will drive as a convoy 4΄ further up to different directions, splitted in the two groups. At this meeting point there is also a bus stop for number 504 but in this case you must already have to arrange with another member of SAS for further up by car !
    For those who are interested in participating, please declare up to 30th 10:00 p.m. referring their intension to follow Group A or B, despite they can change mind even last … moment in front of the ‘‘ periptero ’’… !
    Leaders will be Georgos and Anna Foteinos, e-mail geoplanf@otenet.gr Emergency phone 6945 386255.

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  • Photos from our walk in Schinias, Cynosoura peninsula and the wetlands 11.11.2017

    48 happy smily faces participated in this amazing, from any point of view, walk !!!

    The day ended up with a drink at the oldest pub in Athens, at N. Erythraia … !

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  • Photos from our hiking excursion in the footpaths of Tinos island 21-22.10.2017

    24 lucky people participated in this amazing weekend !!!

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