• FULL MOON over the beautiful VRAONA BAY

    FULL  MOON  over the beautiful  VRAONA  BAY

          Σχετική εικόνα            Σχετική εικόνα

    On Saturday the 2nd of June at 17:30 p.m., we ’ll meet each other for a relax … stroll along the beautiful Vraona Bay at the south-east coastline of Attica. This walk is a combination of seaside footpaths, an optional adventure … rocks hopping and a lovely … asphalt road !
    There are no significant height differences, just only 50 m over a hill from where the view of the coastline, the Aspronisia islets and Porto-Rafti is really spectacular. Duration of the stroll will be 2,5 hours approximately and total km to be covered will be 6,5. As concerning its difficulty is considered of medium grade !

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  • Photos from our hike to Mt. Kallidromo : the Nightmare’s footpath !

    16 Hikers enjoyed, without nightmares, dry but also wet, the most famous historical footpath of Greek history !!!

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  • Mt. Kallidromo : the Nightmare’s … footpath !

    Mt. Kallidromo : the Nightmare’s … footpath !

                                                                     Σχετική εικόνα

    On Sunday the 20th of May SAS organize a hiking excursion in ‘‘ Thermopiles ’’ area which is near Lamia, in order to follow the ‘‘ Efialtis ’’ trail on Mount Kallidromo.
    The footpath is famous because is this, through which a traitor of the Greek part with the name ‘‘ Efialtis ’’, that means nightmare … in English, led the Persian army behind the three hundred Spartans soldiers of ‘‘ Leonidas ’’, who were fighting against thousands of the enemy and were holding the narrow passage of ‘‘ Thermopiles ’’ closed to them.
    Total duration of the hike is 6 hours approx., distance to be covered 14 km, and what a happiness height difference is only 300 m ascent and 950 m … descent !

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  • Photos from our stroll in the Athenian Riviera on 29.04.2018

    28 People enjoyed the Saronic breeze during a lovely sunny Sunday !

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          Σχετική εικόνα                Σχετική εικόνα

    On Sunday the 29th of April SAS organize a lazy…walk along the Poseidonos Promenade with the view of the picturesque Saronic Bay while having the opportunity to admire some important buildings, monuments and statues that never have noticed in the past..!
    The stroll will begin from Flisvos and ends at Loutra Alimou, cover a distance of 6 km and duration is estimated 3 hours approx. including stops. The way to get back to the starting point could be probably for most of the participants by tram !
    Meeting point is at Marina Flisvos just outside of the main gate at 11:00 a.m. Nearby is a parking area. For those who like to drink their morning coffee as a company with the other SAS members, there will be a previous meeting at HAAGEN DAZS café at 10:00 a.m.

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  • Photos from our hike to Mavrorema : the hidden treasury of Mt. Parnitha 15.04.2018

    13 Lucky, after all, hikers faced the most beautiful part of Mt. Parnitha !

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    On Sunday the 15th of April SAS offer a real hiking experience at the heart of Mt. Parnitha.
    Mavrorema is something between a river and a … creek at an area exactly in the middle of the National Park, deep in the pine-forest where you feel like you are in … Olympus mountain despite is just only 25 km from Omonia square … !
    Duration of the hike is seven hours approximately, height differences are not more than 400 m but because of its long distance to be covered, level difficulty could be considered as hard !
    Hiking boots, trekking poles, raincoat and reliable equipment generally are always highly recommended. For any case don’t forget also your head-torch !
    Meeting point is at ‘ Paliochori ’ area on Mt. Parnitha at 10:00΄ a.m. As you reach Agia Triada chapel, of course by … car, at an altitude of 1050 m ……

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  • Photos from the tour in the historical centre of Athens 18.03.2018

    55 people, thanks to Mrs. Sofia Papaioannou !!!, are more rich in knowledge after touring the historical center of Athens.

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  • Tour in the historical centre of Athens on 18th of March

    Tour in the historical centre of Athens

    Σχετική εικόνα      Σχετική εικόνα

    On Sunday the 18th of March SAS organize a walk in the Historical centre of Athens. The stroll will begin from ‘‘ Kalimarmaro ’’, will pass Dionysiou Areopagitou str. and after walking on Philopappou Hill and admiring the beautiful gardens that recently planted by ‘‘ Adrián Villar Rojas ’’ for the purposes of ‘‘ The Theater of Disappearance ’’, will end, through Thisio, at ‘‘ Plaka ’’ at the traditional ‘‘ Mezedokafenio Dioskouri ’’.
    During this stroll we’ll see also some ancients monuments like Temple of Olympian Zeus, Theater of Dionysus, Pnica, Stoa of Attalos, Herodeon, Ancient Agora and many others and the … perhaps well-known to everyone Acropoli !
    We’ll also have the opportunity to get some knowledge about the History of ancient Athens from our SAS’ member, Professor of the University of Athens, Sofia Papaioannou !

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  • Photos from Penteli hike and Davelis cave 03.03.2018

    35 Hikers finaly didn’t find … Davelis in his amazing cave !!!

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