• The ancient site of VRAVRONA and the nearby wetland

    On Saturday the 18th  of May at 16:00 p.m., we ’ll meet each other for a walk along the beautiful Vravrona Bay and the adjacent wetland at the south-east coastline of Attica.

    Vravrona is one of the few remaining wetlands of Attica, an area of great ecological importance, included in the Natura 2000 network. It combines a landscape of great beauty, rich in biodiversity especially for birds, with numerous cultural elements, the most important being the archeological site.

    This walk is a combination of seaside footpaths, dirt roads that are connected through the … swamps, a lovely … asphalt road and a quick glimpse, from … outside of the fence, at the famous temple of Artemis !


  • Photos from our hiking in Delphi and the ancient path to Corycian Cave 07.04.2019

    14 lucky members have a ” perfect weather window ” to finish this 16 km hike after 6 h and 30′ . The rain … came just after all this !!!


  • Delphi and the ancient path to Corycian Cave

    DOn Sunday the 7th of April SAS organize a hiking excursion in Mt. Parnassos at the foothills of which lies the famous archeological site of Delphi and from where the ancient footpath starts to lead to “Korykion Andron” where lots of unusual stalactites and stalagmites exist.

    Actually, we’ll do the hike from the … opposite direction, that means from Livadhi Arachovas to Delphi. One third of the trail is on a dirt road through a flat valley, another third is through a dense fir-forest and the last part towards Delphi is the preserved ancient footpath, dated from the … 5th century BC, with a breathtaking view over Amfisa’s Olive grove and the Corinthian Gulf !!

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  • Photos from our strolling in the historical centre of Athens 03.03.2019

    45 members had the opportunity to admire and visit some of the most beautiful buildings of the city centre

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  • Photos from SAS SKI DAY TRIP to Parnassos 01.03.2019


  • Strolling in the historical centre of Athens

    Strolling in the historical centre of Athens

      Σχετική εικόνα                   Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για πινδαρου κοκκινος πυργος

    On Sunday the 3rd of March at 11:00΄ SAS organize an interesting walk at the heart of Athens. The stroll will begin from ‘‘ Kolonaki ’’ district, where some important Neoclassic buildings exist, then will pass along ‘‘ Panepistimiou ’’ str. and the nearby roads to notice and even visit for free important buildings of the Newer History of Greece, such as the ‘‘ Nomismatic Museum ’’ and will end at the ‘‘ Museum of the National History ’’ where will have the opportunity to visit it also for … free !
    As a total, we hope to have the time to admire at least 30 impressive buildings, we guess most of us, never have noticed in the past, even we are living in Athens for … half a century !!

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  • Photos from SAS SKI DAY TRIP in PARNASSOS 01.02.2019

    5 SAS skiers enjoyed skiing this wonderful day … !

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  • Mt. Parnitha : Why not hiking on snow ? 26.01.2019

    17 SAS members hiked in this no snowed, but full of running waters, part of Parnitha !!!

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  • Mt. Parnitha : Why not hiking on snow ?

    Mt. Parnitha : Why not hiking on snow ?

    Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για ξεροβουνι παρνηθα          Σχετική εικόνα          Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για παρνηθα χιονια

    On Saturday the 26th of January at 11.00 morning SAS organize a hike through the forested paths of the east side of Mount Parnitha.
    The hike will take 3 to 4 hours depending if there is snow on the trails ! The far east point we are going to reach is Xerovouni, one of the various peaks of the mountain at a height of 1119 m., from where the view is at least superb ! It’s level of difficulty is medium and height difference to be covered is only 150 m.

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    26 January          Mt. Parnitha : Why not hiking on snow ?

    03 March             Strolling in the historical centre of Athens

    07 April                Delfoi and the ancient path to Korykeion Adro Cave

    18 May                 The ancient site of Vraona and the nearby wetlands

    08-09 June          Hiking excursion in Neda’s waterfalls in Peloponnese